Video services(VOD), the new video from the old days and was the topic of the video in a wide variety of video,high-quality high・definition viewing, you can. Here,the delivery of the video in the mouth of the good movie list introduce.

Word of mouth of a good video list

Software 4
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Software 4

From 2004 began action・Thriller・series 4 Make. The serial killer holding you captive・jigsaw of bodies to autopsy or coroner, the jigsaw of the stomach from one of the cassette tapes found,immediately responsible for an incident that Hoffman criminal to contact. The tape is"his own death at all...

© ABC Studios


Ocean Nick 815 flights over the Pacific Ocean to the uninhabited island crashed into. Races, nationalities, and occupations of various survivors and 48 people survive, in order to conflict but cooperate with each other to from. But one after another debunked, passengers of the past and the island lurking in secret and fear to know,survivors are anxious to stir them...

Social Security number
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Social Security number

Cute appearance and his licking was to have College student・Karasuma Chitose. Dreams, hopes and ambitions to in-depth voice actors in the industry,her eye for,and the industry of the reality of the number was―. Without a job×motivation of rookie voice actor・Chitose, the popular voice path is open to it?

FOD premium

FOD(Fuji TV on-demand), video and live, magazines comics centered entertainment site.FOD premium for the first time if you register,all items for 31 days for free.

The video is broadcast on TV in the attention of the drama from the past of classic drama and nostalgia of anime such as very rich.

Offers and watch, as well as the latest popular magazines are also read and unlimited service also, off the point here. In the cartoons and comics of the kind is abundant.

During the free period to cancel it completely free, or FOD Premium Membership free campaign has been held to just use email.

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